The Planning of a Festival Season: 2013

Lowlands 2011

What may seem like so far away for now is getting closer by the day. I’m introducing this post today, on December 3rd.  And what I’ll do is update this very post as I plan ahead my festival season of 2013. Use this to your advantage, who knows you might learn of some exciting festivals. Don’t wait too long to make up your mind – some festivals sell out within the blink of an eye.

Note: Drop in a comment to warn me about ticket sales I should know about!

Friday, December 21st 2012

  • Our group got through in the Fusion Festival (Germany) ticket lottery – of course I paid my ticket right away! :-)

Tuesday, December 4th 2012

  • Payment confirmed and ticket received for Nachtdigital 16 (Germany)
  • Added O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (Hungary) to my ‘maybe’ agenda
  • Added Solstice festival (Netherlands) to my ‘100% sure’ agenda

Saturday, December 1st 2012

  • Signed up to Fusion Festival (Germany) ticket lottery with a group of friends – ticket lottery is still open until December 14th
  • Ordered and paid for ticket to Nachtdigital 16 (Germany) – festival has gone sold out the very same day

More updates soon…

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