M for momentum at Old & Neon Night

M for momentum logoSome time ago, some very good friends of mine have invited me to come and play a M for momentum live set at their  upcoming ‘Old & Neon Night’ new years party in Almere. And damn right I’ve said YES. My set time is from 23:00 till 0:00. That’s right – the last hour, minutes and seconds of 2012 shall be mine to play with. So am I looking forward to this gig? Hell yeah!

Old & Neon Night

M for momentum’s Teaser

This sound scape is made up from bits and pieces from tracks that I may or may not play during the last hour of 2012. There’s not a single beat to be heard in this sound – but that’s why it’s called a ‘teaser’. Trust me, there’ll be plenty once I start playing! :-)

Dressing up

Yes you should dress up to a party, definitely this party. There’ll be black lights, so better suit up. Bring fluorescent (body)paint and don’t forget your glow sticks. You can order them at Glowspecialist.nl.

Getting There

Old & Neon Night takes place at Gateway Diner; Beatrixpromenade 7, 1312 AZ Almere Stad. It’s easily reached both by car and by public transport. Just keep in mind public transport stops going early (around 20:00). Plan ahead! This is the location on Google Maps.


20:00 DaWid – Dawid Muller
20:45 Aden Farleigh
21:30 Jody Ferron
22:15 Stefan Duchhart
23:00 M for momentum (live)
0.00 Foute uurtje
1:00 Sebastian Hawkes
2:30 Chris Tc – tot eind

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Will you be there? If so, do drop a comment!

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