Nudie Regular Ralf Dry Selvage II

That’s right, as of today (October 30th 2011) I’m officially starting a new denim project. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. As I started tweeting a little more about my passion fordry denim, my tweets got noticed by Nudie Jeans themselves. They put up a link on their Facebook to my progress pictures of the Regular Ralf Dry Selvage. Although they’re true classics, these aren’t made anymore by Nudie and so I never expected to find another pair in the right size again. Well, they found me. Thanks to Baretta Jeans, whom noticed my tweets and let me know they still had these jeans without me ever asking for them. From there it was easy, a matter of days to wire them the money and have them delivered. Great service there! These are bound to become a piece of art.


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