Atelier LaDurance Prescott Selvage

I already owned a regular Prescott but then I saw a special offer for the selvage version I just couldn’t refuse. I started wearing them to festivals pretty early on. Nothing wrong there, until Sonne Mond Sterne 2010 that is. The festival grounds and the nearby campsite got drowned in rain. And then there was mud. At that very moment I couldn’t care less and partied through the mud, in the mud and around the mud. But then I saw my jeans… completely covered in a thick layer of mud I had to bring them – and a load of mud – back home in a plastic bag.

It didn’t take much consideration to come to the conclusion these were no longer wearable so something had to be done. I decided to bring them to my favorite dry cleaner in town. You should’ve seen their faces when I showed them my jeans. I even dared to ask them to be careful with these. They accepted them but charged me more than normally.

One year later, summer 2011, they’ve made it throughout another festival season, enduring even more rain and mud. But this time nowhere near as bad as back in 2010. I decided no to bring them to the dry cleaner and kept wearing them, but only to raves and festivals and never in day to day life. Hence their title, my favorite party jeans.

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