Festival of the Year Planning Phase Wrap-up

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‘Festival of the Year’ Planning Phase Wrap Up

With four articles complete it’s time to wrap up phase 1 of my Festival of the Year series. In this planning phase we’ve selected our Festival of the Year (part 1), gathered a group of friends to join us (part 2), decided on a way of transportation (part 3) and got ourselves tickets (part 4). In this article I’ll wrap things up by repeating a few pointers and add a few new ones along the way. And in the end, a sneak peak to what phase 2 shall be all about. Did I forget something crucial about this phase? Don’t remain silent but take a few seconds and drop a comment!

Do Research

A festival with 10.000 visitors will result in 10.000 unique experiences, each with their own stories. Stories not just about gigs but also about the general vibe, the festival logistics, the security, the weather, etcetera. Some will be very positive while others may be very negative. Look for individual stories but try to put them together for the bigger (general) picture.

So do ask friends about their stories at festivals that you’re considering to go to. But don’t rely on just one story. Also try to look beyond the story. If your friend tells you he had a shitty festival because his girlfriend got sick, that doesn’t tell you anything about the actual festival. And neither does the story of a single friend returning home with a new lover. But do listen to what they have to say, ask questions about the facilities and the vibe amongst the audience. And whatever else you find important. Use the internet to your advantage too. There’ll be many more stories. Not just words but pictures and video’s too. And please do realize that there’s a big difference between a festival turning sour because of bad weather and a badly organized festival.

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Plan Ahead, Far Ahead

There’s a good chance your Festival of the Year will be special not just to you but to many likeminded people. Enthusiastic visitors of last year’s edition will have been planning for this year’s edition ever since they left the premises last year. They’ll know exactly when the ticket sales will start and will make absolutely sure to have their alarm clocks set. With ticket sales starting (and ending) as early as six months before the actual festival, it’s important to plan ahead. Far ahead. It’s all part of the fun really.

Don’t Forget to be Free from Work (and Other Responsibilities)

Whether you prefer a digital one or an actual one, make sure to put your Festival of the Year in your agenda as soon as you’ve discovered it. Depending on what you do or don’t do you may want to start arranging free from work early. If you’re a student and free from school it’s easy, but for some jobs it can be a lot more difficult. I for one work at an airport – getting free off work during summer (festival) time is near impossible. Good thing is I have a 0-hour contract. By the way, you also want to be careful with saying yes to invitations to wedding parties, birthdays and such!

DO: put your Festival of the Year in your personal agenda

DO: put your Festival of the Year in your personal agenda

Gather a Fellowship of Party Friends

Don’t just find friends to join you on your Festival of the Year experience, find yourself a group of party friends. And before you look for party friends you want to make sure to actually be a party friend yourself. A party friend not only is a friend who knows how to party; a party friend is someone who is open, open minded and looks after and takes care of his/her own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of others.

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Always Make Sure to be able to Return Home Safely

Party friends will avoid going by car if none of them is willing to be responsible for the safe home coming of the group. After all, isn’t that why we invented public transportation? Or even better, book a trip on a party bus like in the picture below.

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The Experience & The Reference - Disco Busses Pur Sang

The Experience & The Reference – Disco Busses Pur Sang

Stay Informed

Make sure to stay informed about important updates on your Festival of the Year. Surely you’re receiving enough email already, but do subscribe to the mailing list anyway. Do add the official website to your browser’s favorites. Do like the Facebook page, and do attend the official event. If you’re on Twitter, there’ll most likely be a official Twitter account and a #hashtag that you can follow too.

Buy Your Ticket Through the Official Channels

Finalize the planning phase by closing the deal. Buy your tickets through the official channels. Don’t make the mistake to share a picture including its barcode on Facebook. If you do end up needing to sell it, don’t be an ass to overcharge people with the same passions as yourself.

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DON'T: share pictures of barcodes

DON’T: share pictures of barcodes

Introducing Phase Two: Preparations 

With the planning phase wrapped up (hope it helps!) it won’t be long for my first article on phase two: the preparation phase. In that phase I’ll talk about preparations to be made between the moment you bought tickets and arriving at the festival gates. I’ll talk you through stuff that you definitely need to bring (tent, sleeping bag, etcetera), things to consider (food and drinks) and stuff that you need to keep at home (or not own at all) like weapons and fireworks. So keep checking back and don’t forget to leave comments whenever you feel like it.

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