Assembling the Fellowship of Your Festival of the Year

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Part 2 in ‘Festival of the Year’ series

I’ve been to festivals more or less by myself, but those were one day festivals close to home. For my ‘Festival of the Year’ I do like to go with close friends that I’ve come to know by heart. In this second part in my ‘Festival of the Year’ series I’ll go into explaining the pro’s and con’s of various group settings. The people that you’re with will certainly influence your overal festival experience. But remember this; at a festival the best mindset you can have is to party alone and with everyone at the same time! In the end it’s up to you to enjoy every single moment, whomever you may be with.

You and… One Close Friend

Going to a festival with one close friend can be good because there’s only one person to reckon with. You’ll lose much less time on  side stuff such as waiting for toilet breaks, getting drinks and such. You’ll always have someone to talk to (unless you split up) and someone that will look over you (and of course you do the same).

If you’re going to a festival with many musical floors and thus many artists to choose from, you may want to have a good chat beforehand. Especially when you’re both really into the music. Try and come to an agreement what gigs you’ll definitely want to go and check out. Allow your friend to give his/her input and agree to go with him or her to see their favorite gig, even if you’re not really into it. It’s possible you have different tastes and both of your favorite gigs play at once at different areas. You can always agree to split up for a while, but be warned there’s a good chance you’ll be split for longer than planned. Make very clear agreements on when and where you’ll reunite. And even then there’s a chance one of you won’t make it (forgetting the time, meeting new people, in line at the toilet, etc.) and have no way of reaching you as mobile networks are often unavailable.

You and… Two Close Friends

This one is pretty close to going with one friend, but I still wanted to address this one separately. Why? Well, there’s a good chance two of you will agree on choices to see certain gigs. That can be a good thing if its always a different combination of person A, B and C but if it’s always like person A and B agree on everything, forcing C to more or less tag along, it’s very well possible person C may feel (eventually) start to feel left out. So think about that. The solution again is to talk to each other and try and come to an agreement, and try not always force your own choice. You may actually end up discovering exciting music you hadn’t heard of before.

You and… Couples

If you’re single and you’re going with one or more couples you may end up feeling lonely. This is not necessarily always the case, but it can happen. So either make sure to bring a date, arrange a date at the festival or get some other single friend to join in the group so that you don’t have to be all by yourself when the couples are having intimate moments and/or want some alone time. Or be ready to party alone. And if you’re bringing your lover to the festival, try and give your other friends some attention too so now and then? But mostly, have fun!

You and… Big Groups

Going to your ‘Festival of the Year’ in a big group of friends can be a lot of fun. But not when you want to stick together 24/7 no matter what. You’ll end up walking from bar to toilet, from toilet to money exchange, from money exchange to merchandise, etcetera. You’ll see bits and pieces of gigs  here and there. That’s all good when you don’t care all that much for the music, but when the music is your thing you may want to be ready to split up in smaller groups. Agree on a meeting point that works in every music floor. For example, decide that you’ll always be in the right section of the very front rows. Talk to another to find out what gigs everyone wants to see and you’ll have a good outline of when and where to reunite with lost buddies, even if you end up by yourself.

You and… Even Bigger Groups

When travel to a festival in a party bus full of likeminded people it is very likely you’ve made some new friends before even arriving at the festival. Going by party bus can be a great way to make new friends. Go camp with or near them and try to see some gigs together. Chances are you’ll make friends for life! Oh and try not to forget about your established friends :-).


Whatever the size of the group that you’re with, it’s important to talk to each other and make agreements. Be open and honest. Don’t let small irritations become big irritations and ruin your festival experience. Talk about it. Accept other opinions and wishes. Be a party friend and make sure your friends are too. How? That’s easy, let them read the article I wrote earlier. So who do you like to party with best and why? Drop a comment and share your thoughts!

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