Who am I you ask? Marijn van Laerhoven is the name, November 3rd the day I was born in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands; a place that’s known for its red light district and coffeeshops, but has so much more to offer.

I’m living my life, and by using this blog, I’m sharing my passions with you. And I’m hoping you will feel free to share your own passions with me.

I’ve had this domain since 2004. Back then, I went on a one month solo trip through the United States of America. I used this domain name to publish writings about my adventures with my friends and family. I made business cards that I gave to the people that I met on my journey that said to ‘Keep in Touch!’. After coming home I started using this place as a central place to collect and share videos and writings on festivals I went to. Not long after I was recruited by 365Mag, an international website related to electronic music that I would write articles for. Nowadays it’s still what it was back then; a personal place to share things I do. By moving on to a WordPress based website I hope to be able to publish more content. Reaching a wider audience. Reaching… YOU!

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